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Case Results

Latest Case Results

State v. Harris
DUI – Not guilty.
Client had five different typed of controlled prescription drugs in her system at the time of the stop.

State v. Breaux
Sexual Battery – Not Guilty

State v. Repko
Battery on Law Enforcement Officer – Guilty of Lesser Included charge misdemeanor battery

State v. Leaks
Obstruction-Not Guilty

State v. Varner
Criminal Mischief-Not Gulty

State v. Weigley
DUI – Not Guilty
Client motion to Suppress granted on grounds of lack of knowing and intelligent waiver of Miranda.

State v. Haywood
DWLSR – Not Guilty

State v. Hester
DUI -Not Guilty

State v. Dees
Battery – Not Guilty
State v. Young
DWLSR-Not Guilty

State v. Rodda
DUI- Not Guilty
(Richardson violation)

State v. Corcoran
Theft -Not Guilty

State v. Lawton
Battery -Not Guilty

State v. Booth
DUI -Not Guilty